What’s the Difference Between Project Management and Construction Management?

If you’re putting up a new development or building, you need to know how to best organize your team to meet your goals from end to end. That means not only lining up management that will see to the construction, monitor and deploy subcontractors, and track progress, but also finding professionals to help you fill the space, provide IT services, vending, and other building support services. That is a lot to handle, which is why so many investors and entrepreneurs hire project managers and construction managers. The two roles are quite different, and it’s worth considering both for your team. If you can only budget for one, though, there’s good reason to choose project management services.

What Construction Managers Do

Construction managers take care of the pre-construction and construction phases of your project. That means they basically run the building of the building, but that’s it. Once you have the structure up and the utilities on, their mission is typically over. The work they do is important, though, and it includes:

  • Hiring and vetting the subcontractors involved in the construction of each building system
  • Managing the work site daily to ensure quality and safety are both top priorities
  • Following up on deadlines to ensure milestones are met

Project Managers Provide End-to-End Services

The reason you should prioritize project management whenever you can only afford one of these vital managers is simple, and it’s because your PM’s job includes supervising your CM and ensuring all the steps in the construction management process are followed. That means most project management services are ready to provide CM services as part of their package if you don’t hire a construction manager separately. This makes it easier for you to streamline a project whenever you feel the need. Additionally, PM services are able to coordinate and interface with experienced CM representatives if you do choose to employ both while building your next major project.