Commercial Construction

No matter what commercial construction project you have in mind - we're here to help.

Building Design

Commercial building design built for you and your business

Our team of experts is able to to take your company's unique characteristics and reflect that in the design. We take all the details into account - including making your building function at its highest efficiency and aesthetic appeal - whether it be through layout, employee areas, or entrance and accessibility for potential customers. We aim to create a design that allows your business to grow, and the most important aspect is always understanding your needs as a commercial client. Tasks of building design may include excavation and/or site work, masonry, finishes, cabinetry, built-ins and setting your company up for seamless electric, HVAC and plumbing needs.

Commercial Renovations

Transforming your space, including retrofit, ADA compliance and retail

Renovating an existing space to fit your business is both an exciting yet challenging task. We have over two decades experience transforming existing commercial properties for local businesses. Whether you need to remodel an office space, retrofit an old building for your new restaurant, remodel for a shopping center - or something else - we are here for you. Our commercial remodeling services include additions, repairs and complete remodels as well as ensuring the project is according to local zoning ordinances, building codes and ADA Compliance.

General Contracting

We handle all aspects of the commercial construction project

When working with LPC General Contractors, LLC rest assured that you can sit back and let us handle every aspect. We are your general contractor for all tasks including electrical, plumbing, flooring, windows and more. By taking care of every part of the commercial construction at a single source, we not only work more efficiently, but also reduce costs as there is no need for multiple separate contracts. Our aim is to make the project run as smoothly as possible, with your satisfaction at the forefront.

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