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Maximize your investment with proper planning and execution.

Minimize Risk

Comprehensive risk management services, developed by experience

LCP General Contractors, LLC can effectively assist you to minimize risk on any property investment, whether the purchase is for personal use or as an investment for your future. We are experienced with all the factors involved in maintaining real estate which will help you avoid expensive, overextended projects. Our skills and familiarity with the building process provides us with the knowledge and ability to streamline projects and keep costs under control.

Proper Planning

Consulting, research, and analysis so that you have all the facts

With our extensive experience, we are able to deliver a wide selection of preparation services for both commercial and residential investment properties - including consulting, research, and analysis. We first provide you with expert consultation about project profitability, providing a customized analysis and guidance for all steps of the project. This also included market research. During this phase, we analyze the surrounding property market values to evaluate your return on investment. Finally, we do a thorough cost analysis by providing you with a realistic estimate on cash flow requirements to complete the projects, to allow for an easy-to-understand practical insight prior to investment.

Design & Execution

Taking your investment ideas from paper to reality

Following proper planning and consultation, we can help you take your investment property from an idea to reality. Our team of talented and detail-oriented designers can draft various layouts to optimize the property value and offer cost saving solutions. During this time, we'll also provide you with computerized scheduling, with a timeline of the project from start to finish. From here, we can carry out all construction tasks. Throughout the entire process, our goal is to provide you with accurate, transparent information to help you maximize your financial investments. 

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