Build Equity in Your Home With These 4 Home Addition Ideas

So, you’re thinking about adding onto your home…While many additions are certainly an improvement to just about any home, there are certain add-ons that are more beneficial than others—in terms of space and equity. Whether you’re looking to get more space, want to increase the value of your home or both, consider adding onto your home in one of the following four ways:

Build Another Bathroom 

If your home is a single bath…if your home has multiple stories but doesn’t have a bathroom on each floor…or if your home doesn’t have a master bath, consider building another bathroom. The truth is, the more bathrooms a home has, the better. Building an extra bath doesn’t have to be difficult either. While you could add onto your home to make space for an additional lavatory, doing so is not necessary. Simply commandeer wasted space and redirect plumbing to that area. 

Create a Separate Unit 

Whether you want to start earning a passive income via a rental property, have aging parents or run a home business, building a separate unit could be just the addition you need to create much needed space and equity (and quite possibly to generate a side income). These types of additions are always beneficial, as no bank or potential homeowner is going to complain about a nice in-law suite/office/income property. 

Expand Popular Living Spaces

If you have a large family or just like to entertain often, expanding your common living spaces may not be a bad idea. Extend your living room by a few feet, or make your kitchen bigger by several cubic meters. Larger common areas always go over well with potential buyers—and they can make you and your family happier too! 

Sunrooms or Screened-In Porches

If you live in an area where outdoor living is just not practical or even possible for three quarters out of the year, a screened in porch may be just what your home needs. Give yourself and potential home buyers the option of enjoying their coffee “outdoors” year-round, no matter what type of weather the forecast calls for.  
Home additions can add significant value to one’s home, when done right. To make the most of your home renovation, hire a professional to help.